Makeover season

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1 May 2018
Volunteers at Gowanbank
21 May 2018

Makeover season

Day one of the main refurbishment contract

We’re extremely busy here at Gowanbank, upgrading the house and making sure that everything is pristine and perfect for our opening in the summer.

When we acquired the house last year it was in great order, but because we will be running Gowanbank as a residential centre for young people, there was work to be down to ensure that everything was in good order and met all the relevant legislation. There are amazing stories of support for the project, with anonymous gifts and encouragements on the way!

Paul Bayton, also Centre Director at Alltnacriche, has been heading a team to manage the preparation work. He says, “After a lot of time preparing, obtaining the necessary warrants and finding contractors, we’ve got to the really exiting stage in the project, with the refurbishment in full swing. Looking forward to stopping the destruction, starting the re-building, then on to the fitting out and welcoming our first guests. The pressure is on to deliver!”