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Experience the great outdoors at Gowanbank

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Be active!

Fun, challenging activities all on site at Gowanbank.

Outdoor activities at Gowanbank

Experience and enjoy outdoor activities at Gowanbank!

Whatever your group’s desired outcomes for a weekend away or a residential, we can help tailor an outdoor activity programme for your visit. Challenge yourself at our tree climb or try some archery or learn to trust by being led blind folded through the forest following a nightline trail. Or experience our more relational activities, when there is more time to chat and be together, then bushcraft may be the way to go. Build your shelter, light your fire, bake your bread & make a cuppa.

There are some facilities onsite that make it easy for you to lead your own activities – we’ll provide a quick induction and all the resources you need and are great for evening activities, or free time.

How to book activities

If you are planning outdoor activities at Gowanbank, you can discuss your activity programme with us and we will help you plan it. There is plenty of flexibility and we’ll work with you to create a programme that is just right for you and your group.

Find out more about HOW TO BOOK.

And that’s not all!

Activities at Gowanbank are really only limited by your imagination. Got an idea for a wide game to play in the forest? Share it on our FACEBOOK PAGE before for ideas or after with the photos!

Everyone included

As a team, we are committed to providing activities which are also accessible to those with a disability, or those with special needs. Our approach is to work with the young person and carer / parents in advance of the visit to find approach that supports them, and assesses what reasonable adjustments we can make to make the centre and activities accessible to them.


Instructor led activities
Self- led activities
Offsite activities


Try the Abseil at MauchlineAbseiling


Fancy yourself as a bit of a Robin Hood? Give this a go!

Bushcraft Breadmaking

Once you’ve built the fire, make some bread and cook over the fire.


Bushcraft Firelighting

Great social activities with lots of fun.

Starting from scratch with a flint and steel, perhaps using Kelly kettles.


Bushcraft Shelter Building

Can you build a waterproof shelter for you and your team using natural materials?


Bushcraft Wood Carving

A 6 inch knife, and a piece of wood – what can you create.

Crate Climbing

Try out our newest addition - crate climbing! You can work in pairs or individually to see how many crates you can stack up.


Fire Pit

Try out our fire pit one evening with campfire songs & marshmallows to toast around the fire.

Football, hockey, etc.

Kick a ball or play hockey in the car park - a great way to chill and relax!

Local Walks

We can direct you to Lanfine Estate to see the wild boars and the peacocks. The centre has a fabulous location and you can literally walk out the door and carry on walking for miles.

Mountain Biking

Depending on time you have available, try our offsite tracks!


Team Challenges

A number of different challenges to work in a team with an egg-citing finale!

Tree Climb

Learn the skill of working the ropes & tree climbing techniques whilst having fun!

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"Our young people thought the activities were great and relished the challenge of it."

Libby, Junction 12